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Temecula, CA


Copy writing and course creation coaching for the creative entrepreneur by Misha Hettie. 




copy writing + course creation coaching

You created the course (maybe just in your mind) and you're itching to get it out into the world so you can make mega bank. 

The only problem? You're S-T-U-C-K. Stuck like Brer Rabbit in molasses. Am I right?

Sucks to be stuck. But let that be the least of your worries.

You have a story to sell, a product to sell, and important lessons to teach. 

For all the rest, have no fear - I've got you covered.

To get started, scroll on, playa...



From Start to Finish

You know what you want to teach, and you have a few ideas about how to break it down, but you need help and hand-holding to launch this puppy. We'll get you there in six weeks. 

Mini Makeover

If you're halfway through creating your course, but you're S-T-U-C-K, this is perfect for you. Three super solving sessions.

Single Session

You need a bit of polish, and you know it won't take long. Sixty minutes of exploration and decision making will get you there.